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Article / Tucker May

Your Intro to Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Cast of Characters

If you’re anything like the exact opposite of me, you’ve probably not even heard of FOX‘s new sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, let alone watched each episode repeatedly and taken meticulous notes on the characters. Luckily for you, though, I’m here to ensure that you don’t miss another moment of the best new sitcom on TV (sorry, The Michael J. Fox Show). … Continue reading

A New Thanksgiving Tradition
Article / Susan Sassi

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

First there was turkey…. Then there was tofurkey…. If you were thinking the brilliant minds behind Thanksgiving couldn’t get any more creative, you were wrong. Because then there was… turducken and turducken wrapped in bacon! Thought throwing a bunch of random meat together was over? Wrong again. Because this year Repo Comedy  brings you…. TurTuckerDucken!! … Continue reading

Article / RepoComedy / Tucker May

Best Moments from Aziz Ansari’s New Stand-up Special, Buried Alive

I’ll admit, it personally took me a long while to come around to Aziz Ansari’s stand-up comedy. Maybe it was his endearing turn as Tom Haverford on NBC’s Parks and Recreation that brought me around to his unique brand of high-pitched swagger. Regardless, I’m on board, and here’s a solid number of reasons you should … Continue reading