Ashley Huyge

The Think System

That’s my craft drawer. Take a gander. There’s embroidery floss, pliers, face paint, a sewing kit, and I use them all pretty often. What you won’t find is anything having to do with knitting. Not because I haven’t tried, but apparently I have a dirty knitting mouth.

I had no idea, but my roommate asked very politely if I should do something more relaxing.

“I am relaxed.” I snarled through clenched teeth.

“We’ll, you’ve been swearing a blue streak for an hour and you only have an inch of scarf to show for it.”

So, yeah. I had to quite. But what kills me is my knitting envy. I see knitters everywhere as it gets colder and I can barely handle my jealousy. I’ve decided to take The Music Man approach. In the musical, Harold Hill tells the kids in town that they’ll learn to play music by thinking about it. Not actually playing, but just thinking.

So, my knitting can only improve. Right now, in my brain, I’m knitting a sweater that would knock your socks off.

3 thoughts on “The Think System

  1. Ah, yes, pardon me for a moment but do you have any Jem and the Holograms stickers in that craft drawer of yours? It’s the easy way to make any knitting project truly outrageous.

    (Yes, that was a terrible joke, and yes, it brought me great joy. 😀 )

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