Everybody Was Kungfu Fighting

Right now at work, it’s very apparent that cold and flu season is upon us. Sweaters are thicker, tea flows faster and the Emergen-C is everywhere.

Now I’m a mature and sympathetic soul, but I can’t control myself any more. My giggly vice is upon us and I lose it like Arsenio Hall is killing at the Apollo every time I hear someone sneeze.

Sneezes are so distinct and abundant right now. Every time I hear a sneeze, I imagine that person is fighting a ninja.


Sounds like they won.

And when you see someone after a sneeze, alone, dazed, a little unsure, they look like they just survived a ninja attack and had you been quicker, you would have seen the attack.

In dangerous times like these, I like to keep a weapon at my desk.

I suggest you do the same. But it doesn’t have to be brand name.


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