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Reporter Wants You To Know What He Really Ate on Live TV.

Last week a reporter ate, what he believed to be, grape nuts off the ground.  Turns out, it was not grape nuts.  The reporter could have gone on with his life and taken the secret about what he REALLY ate to the grave.  But no, this reporter wanted us to know the truth, consequences be damned.  This reporter purposely and vehemently came back on Live TV to deliver the truth of what he really ate off of the newsroom floor.  It was a truly beautiful moment, highlighting the importance of truth and how much it meant to this reporter.  So, with the reporter’s wishes and best interest in mind, I share the following video.  Please be sure to watch this video in its entirety.  The reporter adamantly wants you to know what he REALLY ate.

4 thoughts on “Reporter Wants You To Know What He Really Ate on Live TV.

  1. This man seems like the type of person who is absolutely oblivious to the world around him. First, didn’t his mother tell him not to eat anything off the floor? No five second rule here, Mister. Secondly, his bewilderment negates and sense of forethought at all. The human mind, or at least mine, tends to think of the implications and ramifications of making a spectacle of oneself in public or on camera. His expression clearly shows that his brain is not firing on all pistons at that moment.

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