Please, please comment!

We want to hear what you think is funny. That’s why you can comment here without registering (or even do it anonymously if you’re a shy little thing). So don’t be afraid. We do bite, but not over the internet.

Post Follow-Up Questions or even Disagree!

Think we said something stupid? Tell us. But please do respectfully, as we have very fragile feelings and we’re almost out of Haagen-Dazs

We reserve the right to delete your comments

It’s true. If you post something we REALLY don’t like — or if you’re just a big butthole about it, we’re going to delete the comment. We brought you into this world, we can take you out of it.

You retain ownership of your comments

Just cuz you say it on our site doesn’t mean we think it. You’re responsible for all the stuff you say here, just like it’s real life or something

You grant us license to post your comments

That being said, if we really like what you post, you give us permission to recreate that post. Much like if you said something to us in conversation, we could ignore it or say it again to other people. Again, it’s kind of like real life, if you’re familiar with that.
We want comments with related links or other jokes — anything that adds to the funny. If you’re just being a troll, we’re not gonna let it fly.
Because trolls don’t fly.

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