Article / Susan Sassi

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

First there was turkey….

Then there was tofurkey….

If you were thinking the brilliant minds behind Thanksgiving couldn’t get any more creative, you were wrong. Because then there was… turducken and turducken wrapped in bacon!

Thought throwing a bunch of random meat together was over? Wrong again. Because this year Repo Comedy  brings you….


A New Thanksgiving Favorite from Repo Comedy

TurTuckerDucken tastes just like a turducken but with a”funny” aftertaste. Gone are the days when you would have to put up with relatives asking when you are going to get married and have a baby.  When they first see the TurTuckerDucken, they’ll be so freaked out they’ll be afraid to talk to you.  Then, pull the string out of the TurTuckerDucken’s butt and he’ll crack jokes all night, turning your family’s awkward drama into laughter the entire family will appreciate!

The idea came about last year when Tucker May got a turkey stuck on his head while trying to recreate a funny scene from his favorite sitcom, Friends.  It was hilarious and the rest was history.

If you are having TurTuckerDucken this Thanksgiving, make sure to leave your reviews below. We would love to hear what you think.


12 thoughts on “A New Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. Love the decorations – I can’t wait until we’ve got a mtalne to decorate. I have to agree it seems more people are decorating earlier this year then the past few, I plan on putting out a few decorations this afternoon and hope to have everything decorated (at least inside) by tomorrow evening. Leene

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