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A giant sea serpent has washed up on shore in California. No joke, check it out:–abc-news-topstories.html

I see this as proof that The Princess Bride is based in truth. Why else would, what is obviously a shrieking eel, wash up on shore?

My faith in love and life is restored by this large, dead, scaly and probably smelly beast.

Now we just have to watch out for the ROUSes. But when that day comes, I’ll leap to the phone and dial my very own Wesley. He’ll arrive in the finest of overalls riding the Dodge Ram chariot of valor. Probably with a large fiber glass termite on the hood. He ‘ll ask me, “Do you want the basic extermination package or the Delux Nuke ‘Em Deal. I’d recommend the Delux, ma’am.”

And I will answer, “As you wish.”

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