Ashley Huyge

Halloween Inspired Businesses


With all the candy, costumes and parties, Halloween is a huge money making opportunity. With all the monetary treats to be had, there’s no reason you can’t cash in with a few tricks of your own.

This season, say it with a pumpkin. Pumpkin-grams make a difficult message or exciting moment more memorial. A beautiful, hand carved pumpkin by Pumpkin-grams can really get your message across. Consider Pumpkin-grams for:

– Popping the Question
– Coming Out To Your Parents
– Posting You SAT Score

Pumpkin-grams. Because nothing says “Jeff, You’re A Father!” like our little pumpkins.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Inspired Businesses

  1. My fav is a Better Homes & Gardens Recipe: Lemonade Roll. It’s the same concept as Pumpkin Roll but obisvuoly you replace the pumpkin with Lemon. It is light, fluffy & scrumptious. I’m actually going to be making it on Friday for the Visdos family Valentine’s Day celebration. : ) I have a photo of it that I will put onto fb since I’m not sure how to post a pic to your blog.

  2. I think a nice “I quit” pumpkin gram would be great. Especially if all the guts were cut out and placed inside for you, then after you quit, you could throw them at your former co-workers on the way out.

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