Ashley Huyge

5 Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy October!

It’s that time of year where the leaves change, we dig out fall clothing, Starbucks flavor a everything with pumpkin and you wait till the last minute to pick your Halloween costume.

If you’re low on funds, time and savvy, here are a few last minute ideas.

1. Internet Blogger

It’s quick, it’s simple and very identifiable.

Most babysitters kickback and relax once the kids are asleep. This should be an easy look for you to master.
3. Out of Work Actor

Always on the hunt for their next job… To adds little realism to the desperation of your costume, don’t shower.
4. Virtual Personal Assistant

Where is that file again? Just keep that frustrated look on your face to really sell the costume.
5. Facebook Stalker

Spend the night asking people if the girl in your ex’s profile pic is prettier than you. They’ll get it.

Happy Halloween! What are you dressing as?

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