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7 TV Office Weirdos

My coworkers have always had an inkling I was a little strange.  But it wasn’t until recently that I was officially branded the “Office Weirdo”.  Just because I bring a retractable back scratcher to work, use it as a pointer and wave it around like my own hand has suddenly shrunk and become metal doesn’t mean I’m weird.  To make myself feel a little less lonely, I have compiled a list of 7 Office Weirdos on TV.


7. Montez Walker (Workaholics)

He’s loud, he’s constantly intervening on the guys’ schemes and he’s always raising the sales bar.  Am I forgetting something?  Oh, yeah, he’s obsessed about sex with his wife Colleen.  “It’s like the wild, wild west up in there, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Lord of the Rings in there. Y’all don’t know about my bedroom.”


6. Kitty Sanchez (Arrested Development)

The only woman to break the list, Kitty is manipulative, scheming and constantly seeking approval.  She was born with three nipples, but now she’s got a great set of knockers that everyone must say goodbye to.


5. Zoidberg (Futurama)

In an office with a hot Martian, a one-eyed mutant ass-kicker and a talking/drinking robot, it is hard to be dubbed the weirdo.  But Dr. Zoidberg’s lack of knowledge of the human body and desire to consume pretty much everything has branded him as the odd lobster-alien out.


4. Tom Haverford (Parks & Recreation)

The government office of Pawnee is filled with wackadoodles, but Tom takes the cake.  He’s sarcastic, egotistical and misunderstood.  He fancies himself as a smooth talker and dresser (and if he weren’t so cocky he might be able to pull it off). His inflated self-worth as “The Brown Gosling” makes him the strange one in the office.


3. Kenneth Ellen Parcell (30 Rock)

You can’t blame a guy for passion.  But once he starts praising the Confederacy, being cheerful to a fault and hunting witches he becomes a weirdo.  Despite his boyish charm, childlike wonder and naive youthful sense of hope it is implicitly implied that he is immortal.


2. Dwight Schrute

It’s hard to discover who is the weirdest one at Dunder Mifflin but Dwight is the most vocal about his eccentricities.  Although the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager, he lacks common sense and basic social skills.  He loves martial arts, the justice system and Battlestar Gallactica.  A highest-ranking salesman and a beet farmer, Dwight is all over the place.


1. Charlie Kelly (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

He loves to huff spray paint, glue and poppers.  He eats cat food before bed in order to feel sick enough to fall asleep.  He can’t read or write but still is a brilliant manipulator with creative ideas. However, despite his radical inadequacies, Charlie is the only one in the bar willing to work and that is the weirdest thing of all.

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