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Katy Perry – Roar (Exclusive Unofficial Video)

Katy Perry – Roar (Exclusive Unofficial Video)

Happy Monday!  I have a very special treat to motivate your week and get it off to a killer start!  We uncovered the original video for Katy Perry’s hit song, Roar.  Rumor has it, Katy was furious when she saw this video, fired the whole production team, and re-shot the video.  Tony Tigerbelly, the original director of the this unofficial video, reports that Katy’s team was upset at how un-sexy and unrecognizable Katy looked in the tiger costume.  Also, they frowned upon Katy being upstaged by cats and disliked how the video was counter intuitive to the message of the song.  But mostly what set them over the edge, was the ridiculously overt and unnecessary product placement at the end.  When we contacted Katy Perry’s team about this video, they had no comment.  But Tony Tigerbelly was determined to have his masterpiece seen by the world and insisted Repo Comedy leak the video.   When Repo Comedy told Tony the video was good, he replied, “Frosted Flakes good?!! They’re grrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat!”  He then gave a high five to some random blonde kid and rode off on a horse.

8 thoughts on “Katy Perry – Roar (Exclusive Unofficial Video)

  1. Tony has always been a positive force in the breakfast community. It’s heartening to see the Repo Comedy team aid him in his time of need. Katy, the only thing I’ve got to say to you is “hater’s gonna hate”!

    (Psst! Guys… the kids still say that phrase, right?)

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