Article / Molly Reynolds

9 Essential Gifs

Whether you pronounce it Gif like a gift with a silent “t” or Gif like the peanut butter choosy moms choose*, we can all agree that Gifs are the king of technological advances.  Those little silent looping clips can overturn the advent of the computer itself for best gift to humankind.  Without further ado, I present to you the top 9 Gifs essential for any human being for any occasion. Ever. Of all time.


9. This little idiot doesn’t know what he’s doing.  But in all fairness, his fingers did taste like candy and dirt, so can you blame him?


8. An instant classic.  Kids are idiots.


7. The only thing that could make this fishing trip easier would be if the beers could open themselves.


6. This catatonic pooch is questioning where he went wrong in life.


5. What she lacks in Paw-Eye coordination she makes up in adorable.


4. Who doesn’t appreciate a tight piece of turtle tush?


3. Let me understand? A cat? In a banana costume? Eating a banana?

Guitar Sleeping Prank

2. This makes me regret all the lame sleepover pranks I pulled as a kid and hope to be as clever.

Dat Smile

1. The ultimate gif! Petrified cat in bee costume slips and falls. Classic.

*Okay, so technically the inventors of the Gif have said it’s pronounced like “Jif” but really, can you judge someone based solely on their pronunciation?  If I wanna say “Gif(t)” I will do so!

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