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Tinder Advice – Part Deux

Tinder Logo

Well this week, things didn’t get any better on Tinder.   This happened:


(The rest of the conversation I will have to fill in by hand, because Eli blocked me before I could take a screen shot)

Eli: Yes

Me: Does it do tricks?

Eli: Sure

Me: I was hoping you were going to say ‘if by dolphin you mean penis and if by tricks you mean jumping through holes then yeah sure’. That would have been a much more creative answer. But I am in fact talking about the bottle nose dolphin, like the kind at Sea World. Can it do flips?!

That’s when Eli blocked me.  I was a little heart broken.  Am I not as funny as I think I am?  Come on Eli, you could have said “I call my uncircumsized penis a bottle nose dolphin.”

The moral of the story: sometimes you get creepers online and sometimes you are the creeper.  If you have the choice between the two, I say BE THE CREEPER. Take your power back ladies.

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