Ashley Huyge

Driving Magna Cum Laude


Driving down the highway I saw one of those Student Driver cars.

I love student drivers.

They’re so nervous, so cautious, driving a little too slowly. Like me, basically everyday. So when I see these cars, I like to pull up next to them and peek in the window to see just how white-knuckled that steering wheel is.

I sidled up to the car and there is one, JUST ONE, guy in the car! Is this a self study course? Can you just Webinar your driver’s test? What are you going to tell the cops if you get pulled over?

Cops: do you know how fast you were going?

You: Um… I’m a

And what about calling in sick? Even when you’re really sick, there’s something great about calling in and I don’t know how you’re going do that. Just sit in the car with your sick day bathrobe and keep it in park? You rebel.

Well, good luck to you, solo driver.

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