Article / Susan Sassi

Happy International Beer Day!


Happy International Beer Day!  Finally, a day we can drink beer and not be persecuted. It’s about damn time! At first I thought, “oh man, just another stupid Hallmark holiday made up by the beer industry to boost sales.” But no, it was invented by two average, everyday guys in San Francisco.  Fueled by their passion and love for beer, they created a day that would allow them to drink as much of it as they wanted.  Pretty soon the masses from around the world joined the cause. It was clear that the entire world shared the same love of beer and the need to drink it as part of a national holiday.  United beer lovers from around the world joined forces for this important milestone in the struggle for human rights and civil liberties.  Check it out! They have a website complete with novelty t-shirts. Looks pretty official to me.

Don’t fret. If you can’t locate a bar in your neighborhood (really, can anyone these days?),  just go to the above website and find the closest bar or liquor store.  Now you too can partake in this holiday! Phew, that was a close one! I mean, how else are we going to get beer? Thank you, International Beer Day! Tonight I’m getting drunk off beer and taking advantage of someone sexually.

Just a heads up, tomorrow, Saturday, is “International Sleep In Until 2pm Day.” The day after that, Sunday, is “International Go To Church Day,” but only if you are Christian.  So make sure to celebrate accordingly.   Happy holidays!

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