Ashley Huyge

Feel The Burn… Or Else

Senior Workout - Hot and Tired


It’s summer time and everyone is scrambling to the gym to get beach ready! And every year, it’s the same thing. You go to the gym for a couple a weeks, then one day you’re headed to the gym, you stop for Starbucks and forget why you ever left the house in the first place.

The fact is, working out is unpleasant and people will stop at nothing to stop and do nothing. This is because the exercises are unrealistic. No one ever is in a situation where they need to do 10 reps of anything to get out of danger. When a mugger asks you to drop and give them 20, it means nose to the asphalt and hand them Mr. Jackson. That’s what’s missing from everyday exercise; realistic danger.

That’s why I propose gyms up the ante. I want to see dogs chasing runners as they get into shape. If you’re going to  work your upper body anyway, why not work your way up a cliff without a harness. That’ll really make that physique something to brag about.

Your friend, “I just did 30 sit ups.”

You, “I just didn’t die.”

And it’ll bring about more satisfying results than watching some beefcake squatting with hand weights. What’s gonna motivate you to swim one more lap. This?




Or this?




That’s what I thought. Now hit the showers. And careful… they hit back.

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