Article / Molly Reynolds

A Review of Pacific Rim (Job)



This weekend I had the displeasure of seeing Pacific Rim and was sorely disappointed.  I had high expectations for the Rim Job having loved Guillermo del Torro’s Hellboy-on-boy and Pan’s Labiarinth.   However, this one was just baaaad.  Being touted as a flick with the hottest, veiniest monsters and robot buzzing action  I found neither.  I did find an exorbitant amount of phalluses and vibrators.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure one of the actors played two different characters and they both had sex with the main girl.  It didn’t serve the plot at all.  Actually there WASN’T any plot.  And the lighting?  It’s like they used whatever lights were already in the apartment.  As far as I could tell there wasn’t any CGI or special effects.

Finally, I thought the dialogue was atrocious.  At one point it was as if they were only speaking in vowels.   In conclusion, I do not recommend seeing Pacific Rim Job as it is a waste of 9 minutes and 40 seconds.


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