Ashley Huyge

Christmas in July

Happy Holidays!The 4th of July has come and gone. With any luck, yours was an enjoyable one and you’re looking forward to the next festive celebration. According to an unofficial source, today is National Chocolate Day, but if you’re going to go with a more recognized holiday, Happy Christmas in July!

Wikipedia (which is never wrong) says that Christmas in July began because warmer climates that experience their cool periods during the American summer months. Seriously, check Wikipedia.

Now is the time to festoon your banisters and break out the Christmas Bunting. To get the ball rolling, I have some suggested holiday decorations for your consideration.

Christmas Under the SeaOf course, Christmas Under the Sea. Who doesn’t love that?




School may be out for your little mackerel, but these fine fish are prepped for some book learnin’!

Sand Castle!And no Christmas celebration would be complete without a magical undersea castle.

These are my decor suggestions. How do you decorate for Christmas in July?





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