Ashley Huyge

Why the Everything Bagel is Nothing

Delicious... or so you would think.


Looks good doesn’t it? It’s that platter of bagels that someone brought in to work to share. Maybe there’s pumpernickel. Maybe there’s plain. But there is always, always, always an Everything Bagel.

But just how Everything should the Everything Bagel be? Turns out there’s a limit to everything. Literally.

This is why I propose that there be an Everything Bagel A and an Everything Bagel B. One specifically for everything sweet and one for everything savory. You could mix your cinnamon with the raisin bagel. And just for good measure, you can add blueberries. See? Everything Bagel A would be everything you wanted in a sweet breakfast bagel.

Then you could have Everything Bagel B, you know, for onions, garlic and for decoration, poppy seeds.

The bottom line is, to you. Yes you. Don’t try to sneak your new Everything Bagel experiment into my morning. Poppy seeds, cinnamon, onions, garlic, cheddar, raisins and blueberries are too much for one bagel. Don’t let it happen again.



5 thoughts on “Why the Everything Bagel is Nothing

  1. I can’t think of anywhere that I have seen a flvaerod wheat bagel, other than the traditional honey wheat or that type of thing. I am sorry to be of little help. I’ll bet if anyone does come out with a more inventive wheat bagel, they will make some money.

    • You are very welcome. We here at Repo work hard to bring you the topics that are truly important. Thanks for stopping by. Please come back again real soon!

  2. Looks delicious and moehtwaturing! Actually, eating was my hobby before. Doughnuts, cake, ice cream (chocolate flavor of course- my favorite) and candies are the usual food that I eat every afternoon for snacks. I don’t know what’s with those kind of food that I can’t resist but will do anything to buy at least one of them. Honestly, I won’t last a day without ice cream and cake. For me it’s a usual thing to eat what you like. But then, I realized that all things have limitations. Too much is bad. So, I tried to minimized eating those kind of food. Actually, eating is somewhat psychological. If you think that you are hungry, then, you will be hungry. The more you think about them, the more that you crave for them. You try. There’s no harm in trying. An by the way, I find the name of your site unique.

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