Ashley Huyge

Fashion Foul

As a lover of fashion, it pains me to report a growing trend that seems to be creeping into the world and it bothers me. It bothers me a lot. There are some pretty sounds reason to dress in a way that pleases you.

  1. You’re trying to identify with a group. Goths dress like other goths. Rebellious angst riddled teens from nice homes but with a lot of free time also dress like goths.
  2. You’re trying to reflect a higher or lower social status. So you don’t own a yacht. You can still wear the yacht club jacket. Or if you’re really trying to sell it, a life jacket.
  3. You’re showing religious significance. Pope Francis doesn’t wear that garb just to be fly, God told him to do it.
  4. You’re being smart about the weather. Polar bears aren’t wearing big coats because the casual windbreakers they ordered as still being shipped.
  5. You’re hoping to catch someone’s eye. Don’t tell me that’s all Jessica Rabbit owns. She could buy sweats.

Basically there are plenty of good reasons to wear clothing. So why… is this happening?



There’s a trend right now with thickly striped black and white shirts that I just don’t get. They really have a lot of them at one store. I don’t want to name names. It seems rude. We can just call this store Never 22. Granted, a lot of them are a little bigger and they button down the front, but how did it even get started? Was there some kind of confusion at fashion week? Did a bus load of lost football players strut the runway trying to find their way to the field? No, no, no. Flag on the play.

So why?

Being a member of this group won’t bring you special benefits. It’s not a AAA discount.

You’re not protected from any element. Of any kind. It will not save you from the rain any more that it will save you from angry parents.

Jesus died for you sins, not for the noon kick off.

This isn’t high status, no one thinks refereeing equals big bucks. Unless you count hazard pay.

And the only way you’re going to bring in the hotties is if you’re hoping this is their type:


or this:

Happy shopping.


One thought on “Fashion Foul

  1. lol i love this one its my fav outta all of em ..’welll i dont have the picture but heres a copy of it’ is that a unrcoin??’ no its a horn pony ..dumbass’lmoa thts so funny when i told my bro bout it he cudnt stop laughing

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