Article / Susan Sassi

Netflix: Why is it so red?

By special guest writer: Valley Girl Tiffany


So like, I have a very important topic to talk about today. It involves the big corporation, Netflix.  Hey Netflix, like, why are you so red?  It’s like, you are angry with me.  Stop it.  I mean you are just so red. Like, what are you communist or something?  Are you just really mad? Are you run by vampires? I just don’t get it.  Like, why are you so red? I mean like, you’re not just a little red, you’re all red. It’s just like so much. And it is like really stressful.  It’s like I want to watch a movie and all of a sudden my whole TV is red and it’s like someone is yelling at me, “STOP!!!!” and I’m all like, “AAAAAAAH  STOP YELLING AT ME!”  But it doesn’t stop and I have to like throw my shoe against the TV to break it so that the red stops screaming at me and then I’m all like, “thanks a lot Netflix, look what you made me do because you are so red. You made me break my TV and my brand new one of a kind Jimmy Choo stiletto, like whatever Netflix” What would have happened if I had a sensitive heart or if I’m prone to suffer from seizures. I could have like died and stuff. That is super serious.  What if your children are exposed to that violence and anger?  Do you know how much TV affects children?! OK I’m sure you get the point. All that red is scary and dangerous, not only for you but also for your loved ones.

Now this is a very important issue and we all need to ban together and tell Netflix, “Stop it! Stop being so red!”  You as a citizen have a choice.  You do not have to stand for rage induced violence and property loss or to risk the health of you and your loved ones due to Netflix and their improper over use of the color red.  I urge you citizens to make a difference and tell Netflix, in the comment section below, how you feel about all that red.

Thank you to all you concerned citizens out there who care about the betterment of our world.

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