Article / Molly Reynolds

Famous Daddies





Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there!   To celebrate, I have gone through history and researched the relationship between some famous people and their fathers.  Check it out!

Alois Hitler


A military man, daddy oft traveled and so was rarely at home.  He never played catch with his son leaving him to feel inadequate and in constant need for approval.  Often he would require his son to perform increasingly attention grabbing disasters for his affections.



A fearsome man/deity, Zeus is known as the Daddy of all men and gods.  But Hercules will never forget the time Zeus made him perform all those labors for his approval.

Kong He, Confucius’ Dad


Confucius say man who give belt often demand respect.  Confucius say man who drink to excess forget boy’s birthday.  Confucius say dad who cares the most yells the loudest.


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