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Summer Burp Recipes

Burpy Kids = Happy Kids

School’s out and the kids are home once again! As much as you love them, keeping them entertained and happy can be a real chore.

Summer camp is too expensive, and you can only go to the pool so many times before you’re pretty much guaranteeing your kids have a run with melanoma. So what’s a smart, savvy but overworked parent to do without breaking the bank?

Try our latest kid-approved Fun-tivity: Burp Recipes. All you need are a few ingredients and a little gas, and you’re guaranteed to have your kids belching with fun!



  • sip of sweet tea
  • bite of french fries


  • nibble of oreo
  • freshly brushed teeth with mint toothpaste


  • spoonful of tomato soup
  • corner bite of PopTart


  • the end of a Vienna Sausage
  • Lay’s BLT potato chips


Share your own Burp Recipes in the comment section below!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Burp Recipes

  1. i love your ideas. what about the ‘nacho cheese jerky’ ? – 1 old velveta chunk, 13 crunched up stale doritos crumbs from the bottom corner of the bag, 2 licks of a loaf of spam.

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