The 5 People Amanda Bynes Will Diss Next on Twitter



By now, anyone who has their Google News Alert set to “Amanda Bynes” knows she’s being accused of doing some unbecoming things with a bong, but she claims to be bong-fully accused. What is possibly even more interesting than this whole trial is her horrendously offensive tweets to notably popular women; she told Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her up because she was ugly, she told Courtney Cox that she was the ugliest woman she ever met, and actually called a Sports Illustrated Model “an ugly model whos (sic) career is uninspiring.” While thousands of young teenage boys would disagree with that last one especially, her tirade is not done. Here are the 5 vicious tweets she’s about to send out.

1. @JessicaRabbit Omg u r so ugly! Ur like a WNBA star minus corn rows! That is not ur real hair color u probably had the animators dye it didnt you? Im so much prettier than u because every rabbit who wants me does not want u. Go drown urself in dip.

2. @EleanorRoosevelt Wow u r so old! The only great depression u stopped was the one i got after i looked at ur photo in a textbook and then stopped it when i realized u were dead. I was modeling by age 13!!!!! No wonder the only man u could keep couldnt even walk. He prolly lost his legs to frostbite trying to climb ur mountainous body.

3. @MerylStreep Ugly ugly ugly! Im such a prettier actor than u are. like if the amanda show was up for academy awards i would win them all. she’s the man > any performance u have ever done.  if i directed sophie’s choice, id choose the two kids over u. U may have played miranda priestly but u have no prada. ur just a devil. Im so pretty!!!!!!

4. @oprahwinfrey more like nope-rah winfrey. ur so ugly compared to me. more people follow me on social networks than watch ur tv network. Im so pretty. 

5. @beyonce ur so so so so ugly. ill lip synch that to ur face. destiny’s child? ur more like destinys old withered crone. it makes sense that the only guy u could make a baby with looks like a baby. I’m 3000 times the singer u are and 50^123890128 times the dancer u are. i hated austin powers 3. ur hair looked like the death star.

Wow, what do you guys think? Is there anyone Amanda Bynes can’t trash? Will she wake up tomorrow inside a trash can?

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