Ashley Huyge

Memories After Memorial Day

Memorial Day has passed, and with it’s passing we are encouraged to remember all the things that mean so much to us.

Which is why you can understand my deep and recent sorrow. There is now a void in my life as I look back at something that I took for granted I’d like to take a moment to tell everyone to cherish each and every moment. To better illustrate what I mean, I’ve got an evocative image that expresses how I feel.

Reenactment of People Enjoying Chinese Food. Not Actual People Enjoying Chinese Food.

Reenactment of People Enjoying Chinese Food. Not Actual People Enjoying Chinese Food.

In the above dramatization, you’ll see two young ladies enjoying delicious Chinese food. To be super authentic, they’re using chop sticks and probably gossiping about boys, but to really seal the deal they’ve probably ordered egg rolls too.

Sadly, my favorite, FAVORITE, Chinese restaurant recently changed their egg roll recipe. It’s just not the same. It’ll never be the same. I was so familiar with the crispy fried veggies in their flakey pastry shell goodness. I never ever wanted a sweet ginger sauce in my egg rolls. Now what’s wrong with a little sweet ginger, you might ask if you’re a red head. Well, I’m sure your a lovely person, but get out of my egg roll. All I want is for things to be the way they used to be. All I want is my old egg roll back. I remember how it was in our salad days. I would carelessly order my egg rolls to go, and enjoy their succulent goodness as if we’d never be apart. I never dreamed it would end this way.

So take a minute to be grateful for the memories of things that aren’t a part of your life anymore. Enjoy them while they last. It was Kahlil Gibran who said, “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” 

At least they still have nice fortune cookies.

Stupid Cookie

Stupid Cookie


5 thoughts on “Memories After Memorial Day

    • Ashley & Ronnie Pohlmann – Jackie, thank you so much for capturing these piucroes moments in our children’s lives. We just love the way you were able to catch them expressing their little personalities and allowing them to just be . I am a picture fanatic with my babies and my only regret is not coming to you sooner. We will see you in late November/early December when you capture more memories for us with the newest and final addition to our family. I could not be more pleased

    • Jane – Yes, Tri, these photos truly are awemose. I meant to tell you that at the Ice Ball, but I kept missing you! I work with 3 of the matches that you took the photos of, and they, too, think the pictures are great. YAY! Thank you so much!!!

    • LOVE these photos! Damara, you did such a great job shwinog the personality of this couple! They look so in love and like so much fun! I hope to see the wedding pics too

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