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Puppy Therapy: Cutest baby animals of Instagram & Pinterest

Life got you down?  Do you have so much anxiety, that your anxiety gives you anxiety? Do you depend on coffee not only to keep you awake but as a means to keep you from being a total jerk? Are you at the point where you can’t tell if the drama is even real anymore or just in your head?  If you are an American, the answer to one of these questions is probably yes. According to a 2011 Reuters article, more than 1 in every 10 americans is on Anti-depressant medication.   It has been proven, without a doubt, the number one way to instantly relieve stress and uplift ones spirit is… puppies!!!!! And not just puppies, but any baby animal will do the trick. So today, for your moment of zen, I present to you the top cutest baby animals of Instagram and Pinterest.


Look at this guys! Who says you can’t be adorable if you have wringles and a pot belly? This guy proves it is possible!


Oh my goodness, he is a sweepy witle guy!! Wook at dose wiltle cute pajamies!!


AAAAJJJJH!! WTF! This isn’t one of my pictures? Uh…sorry guys. I don’t have the ability to upload or manage photos on for some reason. So, Danielle Calvert offered to help me upload my photos.  This must have gotten in there by mistake.  No matter,  this is a great example of not judging a book by its cover.  What if this was you? You would still deserve love. Yeah… that sounds good.

Thank you Danielle.  Now THIS is my pic. Awwwww look at the otter showing off her baby!!


Awwwwww baby bunny!!!! I can’t take it!!!
What time is it? oh I think it’s snuggle time!!


eeeeeeewwww! Really Danielle? This looks like a giant whale booger. I had to google this. It’s called the Blob Fish.  Well I guess if you are a species in constant fear of being eaten it is smart to evolve into looking as unappetizing as possible.


 Look at that, the whale booger, uh I mean blob fish found a friend. That is so sweet. Well, If the whale booger, I mean blob fish, can find companionship, then I can too! I’m signing back onto match dot com right now and loading this as my profile picture.

Okay this isn’t even an animal. Now you are just being ridiculous Danielle 😦

Much better! This is one of my favorites!

😡  … thank you Danielle for helping me to upload my photos.  I hope these pictures filled you with joy. If not, remember, no matter what you look like or how society defines your attractiveness, be grateful for what you have because… it could always be worse.
For more adorable baby animal pictures

4 thoughts on “Puppy Therapy: Cutest baby animals of Instagram & Pinterest

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