Ashley Huyge

5 Home Safety and Security Tips for Summer

As summer approaches, the warmer weather invites us to open our doors and windows to let in the delicious breezes of the new season. But this devil-may-care attitude leaves you and your loved ones vulnerable to home invasion.

Recently I had a break-in and while I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of my intruder, a sketch artist was able to put this together for me based on my description. Here is what my aggressor may look like today:

Dangerous Intruder

Dangerous Intruder

In the spirit of keeping others safe, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways to defend yourself in the event of an attack.

  1. Always keep a shoe near you that is at least twice the size of your potential assailant.
  2. Know where the nearest tissues are at all times.
  3. In the event you reach out with a tissue to disarm your enemy and miss, be ready to defend yourself verbally to confuse him. Try telling him “I wasn’t going to squish you, I was going to blow your nose.”
  4. If you feel that you may not be alone, have an Incase of Emergency person ready. Don’t be afraid to ask that handsome man down the hall to come to your rescue. He may have the gentle soul of a Libra, but you’d better believe that Night in Shining Armor (or freshly washed wife-beater) would jump to help like he was the one to save Private Ryan. 
  5. Have a bag ready incase you need to leave. Depending on the size of your intruder, he or she might be able to hide under your bed or in an old boot. It’s safest to declare your home a lost cause and to move. Be ready. 

Above all else, keep your wits about you. They prey on the possibility that you will let your guard down. You need to recognize your threat. Like if it’s wearing a disguise. This is what my attacker might look like during a night on the town:

Dangerous Intruder All Dress Up

Dangerous Intruder All Dress Up

Stay alert, have a plan and everything should work out fine.

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