Article / Molly Reynolds

Celebs Kinda Sorta Look Like Their Dogs

We’ve heard it all before, owners and pets start to resemble one another.  But is it really true?  I did some investigation into the secret lives of some of the most prominent celebrities and the findings will astound you.  Sure I could have done some snooping into the celebrities’ love lives or done something I don’t know, useful, with my research.  But this is what I’ve come to.  Celebs really do look like their canines.  Take a peep:


Steve Buscemi looks an awful lot like his french bulldog/hellspawn mix.


Zach Galifianakis resembles his unkempt hairy monster.


Samuel L. Jackson shines bright like his boxer pup.  Please don’t hurt me.


Cher is as relevant as her Afghan Hound Nika.


Snoop Dogg, er, Lion, er whatever and this Italian Greyhound look a lot alike.


Robert Downey Jr. kinda looks like a beagle, I guess.

So there you have it!  Another insightful article written by me and read by you.   We both could have been volunteering somewhere or researching the next great American novel but no, we’ve decided to waste our time on this senseless drivel.  We did it!

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