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6 Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day


Yesterday was national siblings day.  If you missed this (totally not made up) holiday, don’t fret.  There is plenty of time to celebrate and to help get you started, below are six ways to honor your sibling.

#1. Post all the old baby photos of your siblings on Facebook, preferably the ones most likely to embarrass them.

#2. Tell everyone about the embarrassing pranks you played on your siblings while growing up and how hilarious it was from your perspective.

#3. Trick your siblings into believing they were adopted.

#4. Trick your sibling into thinking your parents left them out of the will.

#5. Call up the local mental institution and have your sibling committed.

#6. Call your sibling and tell them how much you love them.   Now THAT will REALLY freak them out!

Trust me, your sibling will love it! You’ll bond and have something to laugh about for the rest of your life.   You may think some of this is a little harsh, but it actually builds character.   If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that having siblings builds character. So what better way to honor our siblings and return the favor.

Happy National Sibling Day!!!

***Please note. This is a joke article. It is not serious. Please don’t actually attempt the above on your sibling. Thank you***


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14 thoughts on “6 Ways to Celebrate National Siblings Day

  1. hi
    i did the adopted jpke to my lil brother and he freeked out and tol my mom and we found out he relly is adopted not a joke. i got in a lot of trble

    my q is, y is my bro adopted and iz he like dumb or sumthin becuz he’s adopted thanx

    • Congratulations, you have just set your brother on the path to being a comedian!! There is nothing wrong with anyone for being adopted. It is no reflection on him as a person. Now please before you play pranks on your brother again please notice the disclaimer at the bottom of the article. Read it carefully, it is italicized for emphasis. Thanks and have a great day!

  2. Reblogged this on Mom's Senior Moments and commented:
    Ok, I did not know about National Siblings Day which apparently is April 11th, but Susan knows what she’s talking about.

    I don’t have any embarrassing old childhood photos to upload, but her pic pretty much sums up the idea.

  3. Thanks for the info on how to drive my siblings mad. And thanks for stopping by Paper, Mud and Me and liking “Give Me A Break.” I will be following you.

  4. I have a brother four years my younger and I had him convinced for years he was left on our doorstep after having been raised by wild poodles. I simply emailed him a picture of a small poodle herd yesterday with no context. Sad man is a bank examiner now and I feel somewhat responsible….

    • haha That’s great. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some people just can’t be saved. My brothers would try to make me believe I was adopted all the time and look at me, I’m the farthest thing from a bank examiner. Great job. Keep trying, maybe one day you’ll wake up and he’ll be a comedian!

  5. It works!!! Thank you so much!!! Tried all of these on my brother. We have a much better relationship now, we don’t see each other anymore, we don’t text, chat or even acknowledge each other at family gatherings. Perfect! 🙂

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