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Orange Peelzzz: Thoughtz on North Korea from The Orange County Thinker


— From the thoughtz of Sammy Smiley! The Orange County Thinker! —

Watz up Orange Peelerzzz,

Okay, guyz… serious talk today… North Korea is super close to launching missiles.  It’s in the news, and it’s NOT A MOVIE!!!  They are probz gonna attack the other Korea.  For those of you who don’t know worldly things, (It’s okay, I HATED Geography. Lol!) the other Korea is South Korea.

This makes me think about all the ickiness I’M going through.

It’s been a rough day… My boyfriend left today on a trip to Bora Bora with his fam, and I’m gonna be all alone.  For a FULL week. 7 dayz, 2,000 somethin hours, lots and lots of lonely minutes! How am I going to survive???

Being lonely for me SUCKS!  So, this next week is going to be really hard for me AND for all you Orange Peelerzzz in South Korea.  But I got some advice for the BOTH of us… think PoSiTiVe!

We all got our ickiness.  For me, right now, it’s loneliness. (I’m gonna miss you Brian!! Don’t have too much fun snorkeling with the fishies!!)  When I get lonely, I remember being on Spring Break as a kid.  My parents would be counting money or WHATEVER they do for their job at the bank.  And I would be alone in the renovated beach house with Gloria the babysitter.  She was NOT a nanny.  Big difference.  Do nannies sit around and watch TV while you do your homework??? Nope!  They NANNY!  Babysitters SIT.  Yeah, I know my vocab. Also, I’m an only child, SO I GET loneliness!

Anywayz… It’s Spring Break, and all the other kids would play with their bros or sissies, and I’d be all alone. (Gloria doesn’t count!  She didn’t learn English until I was ten!)  All I had was the latest N64 games to play with. Super Smash Bros! Remember that one! Like, so classic! And this entire closet filled with Nerf guns and action figures. Barbies too! Just so all you Orange Peelerzzz know, my parents totally knew who I was and ACCEPTED me. I got to be the individual child that so many other children don’t get to be. That makes me LUCKY!  Thx Mom and Dad 😉

And I think back to those days… When I would pick Princess Peach in Mario Kart… And I so totally wish I had a bro or sis to play with. Now… I could have been a mopey Molly… and laid like a lazy bum on the heated leather recliner in the sun porch…  or ate all the Hagen Dazs ice cream in the fridge… or drew sad pictures on my light up/glow in the dark Etch-A-Sketch that played Spice Girls songs… Or… I could have thought PoSiTiVeLy! And that’s what I did!

Do you hear that Orange Peelerzzz in South Korea??? Think PoSiTiVeLy!  It’ll get you through it.  I promise!

Look at me today.  Brian is more than just a bro or a sis. He is a BFF.  With benefits. Ha! Lolz! And he may be a thousand miles away in a beautiful tropical paradise that most people never get to experience, but I just need to keep looking on the bright side =) =) =)

So whatever you’re going through out there in the world, I GET IT! I so totally do. I’ve been there. I feel you. I UNDERSTAND. And I want you to know that the answer is simple and easy. Think PoSiTiVeLy!!!

Bye Orange Peelerzzz!!! Keep the good thoughts coming and don’t forget to Like, Subscribe and Comment below!

I want to hear YOUR thoughts! But nothing bad, okaaaay?? No haterz in my parade!

It’s been an Orange Slice!


Sammy Smiley =)

9 thoughts on “Orange Peelzzz: Thoughtz on North Korea from The Orange County Thinker

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