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HelpInLA – 6 Days From the End!

I figured we could take a walk down memory lane . . .

Post 1: An Engaging Statement of my Intentions and/or A Crazy Person’s Cry for Help [LINK]

Oh, how naive I was at the beginning of this month. I thought it would be EASY to sleep with my legs folded in half all night every night. I thought it would be a CAKEWALK to find places to shave.

To illustrate how wrong I was about that second one, I’ve included a picture of me while writing this:


Can you spot the muffin I’m saving in there for later?

Post 2: A Captivating Summation of the First Two Days of my Journey for Your Ocular Pleasure

 Wow. Look how young I look.

Post 3: An Enlightening and Brain-Tingling Reflection on Major Life Lessons Learned Within my First Week [LINK]

I talked in this post about how people never noticed me when I was chilling in the back of my car.

Guess what? On the 22nd, someone not only noticed, but CALLED THE POLICE! I was awoken at about 2:00 AM by a knocking on my car window . . . from the butt of an officer’s flashlight. Here’s a (pretty) accurate transcript of my interaction with the cops:

TUCKER(Crawling out of the backseat trying not to knock his pillow on the dirty, dirty ground where he had just spit toothpaste) Hello, officers.

POLICEMAN 1: You . . . You can’t sleep in your car here.


POLICEMAN 2: You know people live in these houses, right?

TUCKER: Sorry officers! (Jumps into driver’s seat and speeds off)

They didn’t stop me after I drove off, so I’m going to take that as explicit permission to keep sleeping wherever I want.

Post 4: An Absurdly Titillating Video Recap of Happenstances from Days Gone By

I like long, stupid titles for things.

Post 5: A Super-Exclusive, Professionally Narrated Sneak Peak into the Facilities of My Friend’s Place

Post 5: Ideas for Making the Most of Your Month in a Car (Because I Know You’re All Thinking of Emulating Me) [LINK]

Just kidding. Don’t emulate me. Unless it’s for an UNBELIEVABLY GOOD CAUSE!

Post 6: A Funny, Touching and Highly Educational Interview with Two of the Amazing People that Keep My Friend’s Place Afloat

If that title didn’t sell you on checking it out, then maybe this will:

Photo on 3-26-13 at 7.43 PM

Look how sad! Read the interview!

The people in this Starbucks keep giving me looks. Is it weird to repeatedly take pictures of yourself making frown-y faces in public? Yes? Someone should write a manual for these things.

Stay tuned for more updates before the end of the month!

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