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The Croods – More Than a Movie

This weekend’s hot new movie is… wait for it – The Croods!!

That’s right.  Nicolas Cage hasn’t been in a ton of films lately, so its time he get involved with another project.  And what better opportunity than DreamWork’s animated thrill-romp than The Croods?  It is everything he’s looking for in a movie: something that makes you go “hm?”, prehistoric ladies and the chance to hide his balding hairline.

This movie has everything: action, adventure, philosophical debates, grunting and Emma Stone’s raspy voice.   Perhaps the most delightful character is young Guy, the adventurous and handsome love interest.  Voiced by Ryan Reynolds I got swept away in his VO.  It begs the question, when can I become Mrs. Molly Reynolds-Reynolds?

But for me, the real pleasure of the experience is the app.  I am clinically insane for the Croods game available for iOS and Android.  Seriously.  It has taken over my life.  I am able to relive the magic of the movie right on my iPhone device.  Constantly I am tending to my prehistoric creatures, making sure they are yielding enough resources and helping Ugga make soup.

 The app introduces wild beasts that are barely covered in the film: there is the berry eating Molar Bear, stone producing Bunny Beast and the advanced cutie CrocoPup.  While the focus of the game is to yield resources and increase output, I have positively fallen in love with the characters.  I would like to share with you some of the creature-based fan fiction haikus I have written inspired by The Croods’ app.

Alone in Wild trees
Bunny Beast captured by Grug
Forced to produce stones
Molar Bear, berries
Eaten with delightful joy
Poop out a carrot
Crocopup does growl
Alone in the night’s darkness
Nothing but bones left
Mother in Law, Gran
Creates a long to-do list
She’s a nag nag hag
Sharkodile eats bones
Neither water nor dirt tame
The wild beast’s hunger
Rovio Crood’s App
Taken over my desire
Work will not get done

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