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The 7 REAL Reasons: Why Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Posed for Maxim


Topanga gets naked!  Well, almost.  The pics are pretty tasteful, and the childhood dreams of many 20-something guys are finally coming true.  The Boy Meets World spin-off called Girl Meets World premieres sometime this year, and you’d think Danielle Fishel’s Maxim shoot would somehow be connected to generating buzz around the new show.

But here at RepoComedy, we have the REAL reasons.  And there are 7 of them.

The 7 REAL Reasons

Why Danielle Fishel (Topango) Posed for Maxim

7. She wants Justin Timberlake to wrap a suit and tie around her.

  • Am I insinuating that there is a potential romance between the two?  I don’t know.  Maybe I am.  Let the rumors start! 

6. She got lost in a Victoria’s Secret fitting room.

  • Have you ever been in one of those fitting rooms?!  Neither have I.  But I presume that they are scattered with bras and tampons.  And if a pretty girl tries on the right bra, the mirror will open up and lead to a creepy, dark cave. At the end of the cave is… Maxim Magazine.

5. Tina Fey stole her college diploma.

  • Ms. Fishel just finished up college with flying colors, but that wasn’t enough for Tina. Now, our beloved Topanga’s only option for work is to parade around in her underwear. Lower your standards, Tina, please.  Oh wait, you already did that in your new movie.

4. She wants to sing back-up for Nicki Minaj.

  • Nicki Minaj wrote a new song called “TGIFucked Up” in response to Katy Perry’s 2011 hit, “Last Friday Night.”  Many former 90s stars from ABC’s TGIF line up now want to boost their career with Nicki’s help.  It’s a good idea to team up with this outrageous pop star.  Take Mariah Carey for instance.  She only seems slightly crazy now.

3. She got tired of sexting her boyfriend.

  • What better way to say, “I wanna bone you,” than to pose in a scandalous manner for a major magazine.  Her boyfriend (which I think is now her fiancé) no longer has to wait every night for a picture of his gal.  If he pays $5 for the April Maxim Issue, he can masturbate whenever he wants.

2. She wants to make Lindsay Lohan and other former child stars jealous.

  • Battle of the child stars.  We’ve seen this type of battle many times with celebrities, and time always proves the winner.  One example:  Molly Ringwald vs. Sarah Jessica Parker.  Where are you, Molly?  Who are you, Molly?  Whatever you do, just don’t call one of Michael Jackson’s doctors.  We don’t want our favorite child stars to go crazy (I still ❤ U Lindsay), but we LOVE when they make adult comebacks – that don’t include sex tapes.

1. She’s going to star in the controversial TV-movie musical Boy Meets Topanga’s Bedroom

  • This new musical explores sexual angst as it tells the story of how Mr. Finney helped Topanga win Cory’s heart when a new, bitchy girl seduces Cory and gets pregnant. The climax of the story happens when Topanga and Cory finally climax together.  This musical will enlighten young people from many socioeconomic backgrounds with the type of themes that Spring Awakening tackled for kids with parents who have money.


So that’s it!  The real reasons why Danielle Fishel, who will always and forever be known as Topanga, posed in pics, like the one above, for Maxim.  If you want to check out some of the photos, click HERE!

2 thoughts on “The 7 REAL Reasons: Why Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Posed for Maxim

  1. I recall during a concert I worked backstage on (bouncer and San Jose Arena in the late 90’s) when Justin was signing with NSync, Danielle, who was on the popular show, Boy Meets World, was backstage and Justin winked at her and when I asked her did she know him (I was oblivious of both of their star status at the time), and she stated they were dating.

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