Article / Molly Reynolds

The Wizard’s New Spin-Offs – Oz: The Great and Powerful


Oz: The Great and Powerful debuted at #1 with a whopping $80.3 million.  It’s being touted as a risky choice on the part of director Sam Raimi, but audiences are eating it up.  And rightfully so!  The movie has action, adventure, flying apes and a struggle between good and evil.

Adaptations of the cult hit The Wizard of Oz are sure to attract followers.  In recent times we’ve seen the musical rendition of the Wicked Witch’s ascension to evilness in Wicked.   Tom and Jerry, the Rugrats and the Muppets have all placed their finger on the pulse of Oz. And of course, in the 70’s we saw Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in a Harlem rendition of the story.

So what other adaptations can we look forward to?  I have interviewed a couple of bigwig execs at Disney, DreamWorks and Pixar and have gathered the scoop for you!  Below is a short list of some of the spin-offs we will be seeing in the coming years.


Winkie DungeonThe Depths of Greed – This is an hour-long drama about the infamous regimental army of the Wicked Witch of the West and their penal system.  When two young Winkie soldiers become desensitized from the chant “Oh We Oh, Yo Ho”, they soon find themselves going rogue against the army.   In a mad dash for the kingdom’s gold, they become detained and sentenced to Winkie Dungeon.

Old China Town – Based on the Quadling sect of China Country, this film is an action adventure thrill ride through a fragile village.  Entirely made of porcelain, the neighborhood is brittle and precious.  But that has no bearing for Switch McCool, the fast driving, action bound bad guy. He swerves and maneuvers through tight alleys trying to capture his arch-enemy Porcelain Boy.


Servants: Building the Yellow Brick Road – This historical documentary follows the story of the indentured servants of the first King of Oz who were sentenced to building the yellow brick road.  With historians narrating the adventure and real documents and photographs of the process, follow the journey of creation. We’ll experience the highs and the lows of life while building the iconic boulevard.

When Monkeys Fly – A Pixar classic!  This insta-hit follows one young monkey as he learns how to fly, make friends and ultimately find himself along the way.  Bonzo is an awkward monkey with little to look forward to.  Untill he meets a girl, creates a motley crew of monkey hooligans and sets forth a plan to conquer the Wicked Witch of the West.  Expect James Franco or Jonathan Taylor Thomas to do the voice over.

So that’s it!  A few new iterations of Oz that we can look forward to.  Are there any characters or lands you’d like to see a new movie about?

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