Article / Politics / Tim McGovern

Top 10 Federal Budget Cut Changes

Budget cuts are rolling out, which means big changes in the Federal government. Here are the top ten changes the budget cuts will cause!

1. Congress will have to close the Rhode and the Island in Rhode Island.

2. The Post Office can only sell you tramp stamps.

3. The two houses of Congress will be converted into two trailer parks.

4. The Speaker of the House will be downgraded to a large amp.

5. The Lincoln Memorial will be used to contain all the LinkedIn resumes of everyone laid off.

6. The Pentagon? More like the Trapezoid.

7. The Cabinet will now be filled with tee-shirts, socks, and boxers. And the Secretary of the Interior.

8. The suit and tie dress code of the Secret Service will be replaced by a tie and dye dress code.

9. State dinners will be replaced by State Karaoke during happy hour.

10. President Obama can’t afford to pay rent on the White House, but will work remotely from his office in Kenya.

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