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My Facebook Vacation

Addicted to Facebook?  Me, too.

I thought I’d take a break from it (just for a day!).  Here’s what went down:

7am – Woke up, resisted the urge to check Facebook even though my friend Peter probably tagged me in a bunch of photos from a party we went to last night.  Walked dog, fed dog, went back to bed.

9am – Woke up a second time.  Worried about the photos.  Convinced myself that they’re probably awesome because I make the same face in every photo, so unless they were photos that I didn’t know were being taken, they should be fine.

10am – Met with a friend for brunch (It’s a Saturday, I’m allowed to go to brunch).  She asked me if I was going to a party tonight.  I said I didn’t know about the party.  Of course, there’s a Facebook invitation for it.  I wonder if I’ve been officially invited or if it’s just a public event that anyone can join.  Wishing I could check to see who is going because I want to “accidentally” bump into this new guy I have a crush on and I want to see if he will be there.

12pm – Went to Target to pick up some things.  Had nothing to do while I waited in the check out line.  I just stood there, staring at all the stuff they try to sell you last minute.  Bought 3 packs of gum and a nail file that I didn’t need.  So far not having Facebook has coast me $5.56.

3pm – Did some “work” (thought about writing, instead reorganized my closet).  Avoided the Internet.  Wondered about those photos from earlier.

5pm – Thought of something super funny while walking my dog.  Bummed that I couldn’t share it with all of my Facebook friends.  Y’all missed out.

8pm – Bored. Bored bored bored.

9pm – Forgot about the party I may or may not have been invited to.  Texted my friend for the details.  Fed dog.  Wanted to post photo of dog online but didn’t.

10pm – Haven’t heard back from my friend about the party.  Thought about texting other people to see if the cute new guy is at the party, but didn’t actually text.  Also, really worried about those photos.

11pm – Accepted the fact that I missed out on some fun times.  Watched some episodes of Arrested Development on DVD.

12am – Slept.

I woke up the next day and immediately checked my facebook.  Turns out I was invited to the party, but my crush didn’t go (or at least didn’t say yes to the invitation).  The photos Peter tagged of me were all fine except one where my hair is in my face, so I untagged myself.  Other than that, I had no notifications.  Kind of bummed about that.

So maybe I am addicted to Facebook, but Facebook isn’t that into me.

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