Article / Danielle Calvert

4 of the Most Racist Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photos

If you, like me, only read Sports Illustrated when it’s the Swimsuit Edition, you were looking forward to the boobs, butts and visual stimulation that only the Swimsuit Edition can deliver. But instead you found racism, racism and RACISM. Come ON, ladies!!!

In case you were distracted by the curves and coy smiles, I’ve selected the 4 most offensive pages for you to look at again. Read the words. They’re the part that’s not boobs.

Oh, those Island People! Chinamen, right?? They sag more than Kate Upton's boobs! District 9 makes Natasha LOLWho knew racism could LOOK THIS GOOD?!

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7 thoughts on “4 of the Most Racist Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photos

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  2. Wow, holy s%&t! I don’t know if the models were being serious or just trying to be funny, because I often make jokes that are sarcastic and could be construed as racist if the person doesn’t know me or my intentions. Whatever the case may be with these models, I prefer bigots to be open about their bigotry, rather than be closeted bigots. At least with the ones who are open about their feelings, you know where you stand.

  3. I guess the editors and publisher can get away with this because they figure the guys are just looking at the photos anyway. Maybe you should send this post to the NAACP?
    You know what they say, even bad publicity is good publicity and you actually helped them by publishing the post.

  4. When I read NATASHA Barnard, or should I say Barnyard?, I realized what you were talking about. Now she IS offensive. My only hope is maybe she thought she was joking in some sick version of the universe.

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