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Blizzards Ain’t Shit – How to Chill Out In a Snowstorm

Flights are grounded, roads closed, classes canceled–pretty much everything’s shut down in the northeastern United States. But just because the power is out doesn’t mean the FUN is out! Here are a few suggestions for how to wait out the storm.

1. Make snow cream!

It’s ice cream but it’s made out of snow!

Simply collect 8 cups of snow and add 2 tablespoons vanilla extract, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk and mix–what’s that? You don’t have milk and the grocery stores are totally wiped out? Oh, okay. Well then… do you have beer? Yeah? Great…

2. Make beer cream!

It’s like ice cream, but instead of being anything like ice cream, it’s just beer!

Simple and satisfying

Awesome, right? The best part about beer is that the more you drink, the warmer you get! It’s like the beer gods smiled down and blessed us with–what did you say? You drank all the beer? Hmm. Well now you have a bunch of empty cans so why don’t you…

3. Build a beer can snow fort!

Because the sucky thing about snow forts is that they don’t last, but a BEER CAN FORTIFIED snow fort is guaranteed to keep it’s shape and deflect even the most tightly packed snowballs.

All you need to do is stack those beer cans up outside…

And people think alcohol inhibits productivity!

…and then wait about 2 minutes until they are covered completely in snow.



Now go back inside, pass out from the drinking and physical labor, and when you wake up, the storm will be over! Or at least someone will have found more beer! D.C. al fine

But if you’re reading this, it probably means you’re not affected by the storm. Doesn’t mean you can’t drink though!

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